Join Us For Our 2017 Reunion July 27-30

It is my pleasure to officially invite you to the 2017 Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Reunion, Thursday, July 27th through Sunday, July 30th. In cooperation with Bowdoin College, we will once again gather at 228 Maine Street/Howell House in Brunswick, Maine. Also as in previous years, the upstairs rooms will be available for sleeping accommodations starting Thursday, July 27th. As always, this Reunion is open to all Alpha Delts and their loved ones, not just those who graduated in years ending in 2 or 7. Registration will open soon. Click on the Reunion link above for all the details.

Join us for the 175th Anniversary of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi in Brunswick, Maine! July 28-31, 2016

This summer at 228 Maine Street, our chapter will gather to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the establishment of Alpha Delta Phi Society at Bowdoin College. All Alpha Delts and their guests are welcome! This landmark event will coincide with the 16th/184th Alpha Delta Phi Society convention in Brunswick, which we are proudly hosting for the second time since 1997.

 The ΑΔΦ Society Bowdoin Reunion Committee has planned a full weekend of reminiscences, celebrations, and pride in our extraordinary legacy. In addition to an open bar and ample social time at the chapter house, highlights include:

Δ Friday, July 29, 3 till 5 pm: Open House for Alpha Delts at Bowdoin’s Special Collections department, a curated display of historical artifacts such as house meeting minutes from ΑΔΦ Society’s original founding years, memorabilia from Joshua Chamberlain’s era, and items honoring our brothers who have served as President of the College.

Δ Friday, July 29, 6 pm: Traditional Bowdoin campus Lobster Bake for chapter alumni and guests, along with ΑΔΦ Society conventioneers.

Δ Saturday, July 30, noon until 1 pm: Annual Meeting of ΑΔΦ Society Alumni Association, at the chapter house.

Δ Saturday, July 30, 6 pm: ΑΔΦ Society Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the Brunswick Hotel & Tavern.

Also, as part of the weekend’s activities, we will honor the men and women who took part in the refounding of Alpha Delta Phi in 1976 as a fully co-ed entity. Their bold conception of what a fraternity could be has reverberated through the years, at Bowdoin and far beyond.

With the ΑΔΦ Society’s convention taking place at the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern, you’ll be able to meet some wonderful young Alpha Delts and marvel at their literary endeavors. They do our founders and refounders proud!

The registration process is a menu, and you can choose whatever you’d like to sign up for: dinners, open bar access, several housing options, T-shirts…craft the weekend you want.

Come back to campus from July 28-31, to revel in our strong bonds of fellowship, to reflect on our rich history, to remark on our ever-growing legacy!

For more information, please contact Nessa Burns Reifsnyder ’86, Reunion Committee chair, at 207-288-5113, or by email: . ΞΑΙΡΕ!

2016 Annual Alumni Corporation Meeting on July 30 at Noon

The Annual Corporation Meeting of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Corporation will occur from 12 Noon-1 PM on Saturday, July 30th in the living room of the old Chapterhouse at 228 Maine Street. If you have any questions about attending, please contact President Thom Clark ’99.

The Annual Meeting is taking place during a larger AD Reunion Weekend celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society. For more details and to register, check out the 175th Anniversary link above.

Bowdoin Chapter To Host National Society Convention July 29-31, 2016

The Bowdoin Chapter invites all Alpha Delts to join us for
the 2016 Alpha Delta Phi Society Convention July 29-31 in
Brunswick, Maine. This weekend on the Maine coast will be
sibling fun in the summer sun. The Convention will be happening concurrently with the 175th Anniversary Celebration
of the Bowdoin Chapter’s founding.
This will be the first time since 1997 that the Bowdoin Chapter
has hosted the Convention in Maine and the first Society
Convention since 1995 to occur during the summer. This is
to allow the Bowdoin Chapter to open its chapter house to
host events during the Convention.
As part of the conditions of the sale of the chapter house
in 2000 to Bowdoin, following the College’s decision to ban
fraternities, the College is required to open the doors of the
House to the Bowdoin Alpha Delts to gather for one weekend in the summer each year.
In addition to being able to share the chapter house, the
College also plans to open other college houses and dorm
rooms to us to house Convention attendees at a much lower
rate than area hotels. All this is only possible by gathering
during the summer break, which is conveniently the best
time of year to visit Maine.
Delegates, Society Officers, and other Convention goers will
gather for business sessions at a beautiful conference center
at a new hotel two short blocks from the House during the
day. At the same time, the 175th Anniversary Reunion will
be holding events throughout the weekend celebrating 175
years of the Alpha Delta Phi at Bowdoin. These events will
include museums tours, viewings of ADPhi memorabilia and

historic documents in the College Archives, and talks about some of the chapter’s famous alumni—including Civil War General and Governor Bro. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (1852). Both the Convention and Reunion will join for social time at the House in the evenings, including a traditional Maine lobster bake on Friday night and an Awards Banquet on Saturday night.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a Convention
website and Facebook page where we will share information
about the Convention, including registration, trip planning,
and possible swag. Those Alpha Delts who follow us on Facebook will
able to participate in a weekly trivia contest, with trivia about
Bowdoin Alpha Delts, Bowdoin College, and Maine. The trivia winners will receive a prize at the Convention. We will announce when these sites’ launch at
The Bowdoin Chapter looks forward to welcoming all of
our Alpha Delt brothers, sisters, and siblings back to Maine
July 29-31 to make new friends, reunite with old, and renew
mystic ties at the 2016 Alpha Delta Phi Society Convention.