Prominent Graduate Members (Alumni/Alumnae)

The following individuals are among the most prominent graduate members of the Bowdoin Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society. The list includes past and present activities. It is in no sense all-inclusive. Email craig(at)cheslog(dot)com with suggestions for additions.

Elijah Kellogg, 1840: Young Adventures Author, Minister, Educator

Joshua L. Chamberlain, 1852: Governor of Maine; 6th President of Bowdoin College; Winner of Congressional Medal of Honor for valor at Battle of Gettysburg

Geoffrey Stanwood, 1938: Co-Founder of the Bowdoin Meddiebempsters

Philip Sawyer Wilder, Jr., 1945: President of Hartwick College

Daniel L. Dayton, 1949: Person for whom Bowdoin’s first indoor ice hockey rink was named (1956-2009)

Merton Henry, 1950: Attorney; Past President of New England Bar Association

Roger Howell, 1958: 10th President of Bowdoin College; First American Professor of British History at Oxford

Barry Mills, 1972: 14th President of Bowdoin College

Nessa Burns Reifsynder, 1986: First female to serve as the chair of an Alpha Delta Phi Convention (1997, Bowdoin); President of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Association during negotiations with the college after decision to eliminate the Greek system.

Jim Sabo, 1992: Sixth President of the National Alpha Delta Phi Society (2018-2020)

Craig Cheslog, 1993: Third President of the National Alpha Delta Phi Society (2005-2012)