Letter from the Association President (July 2010)

Dear Bowdoin Alpha Delt,

It is my pleasure to officially invite you to the 2010 Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Reunion, Thursday, August 5th through Sunday, August 8th. In cooperation with Bowdoin College, we will once again gather at 228 Maine Street/Howell House. Also as in previous years, the upstairs rooms will be available for sleeping accommodations starting Thursday, August 5th. As always, this Reunion is open to all Alpha Delts and their loved ones, not just those who graduated in years ending in 0 or 5.

Starting in 2009, our reunions no longer coincide with the full College Reunion weekend at the end of May. Some of you may recall that Bowdoin College representatives requested this change in 2008. Following a series of negotiations last year, the College continues to honor our 2000 agreement by providing this alternate option, opening the House for our annual gatherings during the first weekend in August. After last year’s rather successful Reunion (one of the largest we’ve had in years), the College agreed to the same arrangement for this year’s gathering.

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Bowdoin Chapter Report to the 2010 Alpha Delta Phi Society Convention

All Chapters and Affiliates are asked to provide an update on their activities during the annual Alpha Delta Phi Society Convention. Bowdoin Chapter Delegate Zoe Reifsnyder, BDN ’12, presented a report on behalf of our chapter at the Society’s 10th Convention and Leadership Training Conference hosted by the Middletown Chapter in March 2010. You can read it, following the jump:

Despite the loss of our undergraduate status in 2000, the Bowdoin Chapter has been continuing to thrive as best as possible.  Ours is the only fraternity on the Bowdoin campus who continues to meet in our own house.  The college has been cooperating with us in this, allowing us to meet at the old chapter house for a special ADPhi reunion separate from the school’s Reunion, as well as a New Year’s gathering.

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