2012 Bowdoin Chapter Alpha Delta Phi Society Reunion August 2-4

A message from Bro. Thomas McKessey Clark, 1999
President, Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Association

Dear Bowdoin Alpha Delt,

It is my pleasure to officially invite you to the 2012 Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Reunion, Thursday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 5th. In cooperation with Bowdoin College, we will once again gather at 228 Maine Street/Howell House. Also as in previous years, the upstairs rooms will be available for sleeping accommodations starting Thursday, August 2nd. As always, this Reunion is open to all Alpha Delts and their loved ones, not just those who graduated in years ending in 2 or 7.

To access the on-line registration form, please click here (http://www.adpsbowdoin.org/2012registrationform).

Starting in 2009, our reunions no longer coincide with the full College Reunion weekend at the end of May. Some of you may recall that Bowdoin College representatives requested this change in 2008. Following a series of negotiations, the College continues to honor our 2000 agreement by providing this alternate option, opening the House for our annual gatherings during the first weekend in August. After three rather successful Reunions (some of the largest that we’ve had in years), the College agreed to the same arrangement for this year’s gathering.

The highlight of this year’s Reunion will be a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Alpha Delta Phi Society on Saturday, August 4th. This Society event that we will host will include a banquet, cake, toasts, and the usual Alpha Delt traditions celebrating the official start of our co-ed national the first weekend of August back in 1992. We will be joined by brothers and sisters from around the Society for what should be a truly festive night renewing our mystic ties and celebrating co-education in the Alpha Delta Phi.

During Reunion Weekend, the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Association will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, August 4th at 11 a.m. at the House. Among the topics that we will discuss are: how we can do a better job re-engaging our fellow alumni brothers, using technology to allow brothers who cannot travel to Maine to virtually participate in future gatherings, and plans for future reunions. I look forward to reporting on some dynamic literary activities on campus which were supported by the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Literary Fund, and discussing your ideas for future literary events. The annual meeting will also focus on our ongoing role in the national Alpha Delta Phi Society—where the Bowdoin Chapter continues to lead, literally, with Bro. Craig Cheslog ’93 stepping down after seven years as the President of the National Society, but remains one of three Bowdoin brothers on the Society Board of Governors.

Here are some additional details about the weekend:

• Dinner will be served at the House on Friday and Saturday, and brunch will be available on Saturday and Sunday. All meals will be buffet-style. You can sign up for these meals on the registration form.

• Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served by Bowdoin College at the House, and this is covered in your fee. There will be open bars at the House on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

• Based on feedback from last year’s Reunion, we have arranged for guided tours of the Bowdoin Art Museum on Friday afternoon and the Bowdoin Perry-McMillan Arctic Museum on Saturday afternoon. Both of these tours are free with your registration. Just sign-up for the tours on the registration form.

• This year we will also be offering a behind-the-scenes tour of Bowdoin’s new ice rink, the Watson Arena, and a tour and tasting at a Maine brewery. Both are free with your registration and you can sign-up when you arrive.

Enclosed is a full agenda and registration form, so that you can sign up for the weekend’s slate of activities. You may register online if you would prefer. To do so, simply go to the Reunion website (http://www.adpsbowdoin.org/2012). If you need assistance with some or all of your Reunion fees, please contact Vice President Nessa Reifsnyder directly at your earliest convenience by e-mail at nessa@mdifabricate.com, or by phone at (207) 288-5113 days, or (207) 276-3365 evenings. ADP Board members have worked together to implement a grant application form, and Nessa will be happy to assist you with this detail.

Our continued use of Howell House for Alpha Delt gatherings is dependent on our demonstrating to the College that we have an ongoing interest. In other words, how many members register and participate does make a difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at thom.clark@gmail.com. My mailing address is 6031 Fifth Rd N., Arlington, Virginia 22203.

On behalf of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Association, I look forward to welcoming you all back to the House August 2nd – 5th for our 2012 Reunion.


Bro. Thomas McKessey Clark ‘99
President, Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Society Alumni Association